Türkiye Betting Odds

Betting odds and betting market in Turkey are regulated by the state. Sports betting in the country, especially on popular sports such as football, basketball and volleyball, is operated by the official betting organization called "Iddaa", which is under the monopoly of the state. In addition to Iddaa, betting on horse races is also carried out through races organized by "TJK" (Turkish Jockey Club), which is also under the control of the state.

Betting odds are usually expressed as coefficients that reflect the probability of an event and may differ for each type of bet. Betting odds are determined before the match will be played and may vary depending on the favorite of the match, the importance of the match and many other factors. A similar system is applied for other sports and events that can be bet on in Turkey.

The online betting industry is limited in Turkey and betting can only be done legally on platforms permitted by the state. Online betting sites that operate outside of İddaa and other official betting sites and are generally based abroad may not be legal and playing on these sites may carry various legal risks.

Spor Toto Organization Presidency has authority over national lotteries and games of chance, as well as betting games, and is responsible for the regulation of such games. It is important for players to bet responsibly, avoiding illegal betting activities and using only licensed and authorized platforms.